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Water Revenue Recovery

Recover lost revenue through our meticulous Water Revenue Recovery services, ensuring every drop counts towards your financial sustainability.

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Water Billing Analysis for Revenue Recovery

The intricacy of water billing procedures can lead to mistakes in the billing process, with businesses often charged incorrectly. This issue commonly arises from complex invoices or incorrectly established new accounts, culminating in significant overcharges.

Such overcharges constitute a substantial source of lost revenue, which can be reclaimed through a thorough review of past invoices and a deep understanding of the billing structures. This process not only enables the recovery of substantial rebates from suppliers due to identified inaccuracies, but also ensures precise account setups and billing accuracy moving forward. This strategy helps businesses to avoid future losses, optimising their financial efficiency.

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Optimised Revenue Recovery through Historic Invoice Analysis

The management of water expenses is overlooked in many organisations, leading to unclaimed revenue and inefficiencies. Our service targets this by analysing water and wastewater invoices from suppliers.

The analysis identifies billing errors; it enables businesses to reclaim lost revenue through correction. Examining past water usage and billing data helps businesses understand their consumption patterns. This paves the way for measures to enhance water efficiency, offering recovered revenue and future savings.

This approach empowers businesses to align their water strategies with sustainability goals and improve financial performance.

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Insight and Identification

In this stage, we leverage our in-depth industry knowledge and client-provided information to pinpoint unusual water usage patterns and billing errors. This initial exploration involves meticulous analysis of your water consumption and billing history, facilitating the detection of anomalies.

Verification and Negotiation

Our team of specialists conducts an intensive auditing process, verifying data accuracy and scrutinising billing information. Once we identify potential billing inaccuracies, we initiate negotiations with your suppliers. The objective is to secure refunds for any overcharges, and to ensure that future billings are accurate and fair.

Site Audits and Efficiency Recommendations

This stage involves comprehensive on-site audits to assess how water is being consumed within your premises. The insights gleaned from these audits enable us to provide tailored recommendations for water efficiency improvements. These recommendations aim at securing ongoing cost and carbon savings, aligning your business more closely with sustainability practices.

Why choose McGrady Clarke for your Water Revenue Recovery?

McGrady Clarke have extensive experience in the water industry, providing expert knowledge, advice and solutions to our clients.

Our consultants investigate all avenues to achieve cost reductions on water charges on both an ongoing and retrospective basis, including but not limited to:

  • Water band area
  • Trade effluence
  • Sewerage charges
  • Meter sizing
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