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Solar Export

Maximising revenue through intelligent management and optimisation of solar energy export.

A field filled with solar panels, denoting the focus on harnessing sunlight for energy in Solar Export initiatives

Understanding Solar Export

Solar Photovoltaic (PV) systems utilise solar power to produce renewable energy. When the amount of energy produced by these solar systems exceeds the immediate energy requirements at a given site, the additional or surplus energy generated can be redirected or exported back to the main power grid.

This mechanism, termed as ‘solar export’, represents the process wherein this excess electricity, not used on-site, is sold back to energy suppliers or utility companies. This not only ensures efficient energy use but can also serve as an additional revenue stream for the owner of the solar system.

Two individuals in hard hats and high-visibility jackets pointing at solar panels in a field, illustrating hands-on involvement in Solar Export operations

The Challenge With The Solar Export Market

Solar PV installations focus on reducing reliance on grid energy while keeping exports minimal, making the export market notably niche. For efficient grid export, a solar system must produce a surplus. As electricity prices surge, similar trends are observed in exports, prompting a renewed interest in innovative solar solutions.

Most consumers recognise the cost-saving advantages of solar but often overlook its potential to generate additional revenue streams. Due to contract intricacies and limited accessible suppliers, many still lack the expertise to fully harness their system’s financial potential. Consequently, numerous companies miss out on lucrative opportunities from their energy exports.

Solar Export with 2 individuals assessing the structure

How We Maximise Value

McGrady Clarke enjoys well-developed relationships with several partners who offer competitive contract terms for export. We offer a bespoke service, with tailor-made contracts ensuring our clients are able to generate additional revenue and maximise the value of their assets.

We are able to structure both financial and physical Power Purchase Agreements (PPA), facilitating the sale of electricity to energy suppliers, investors and other companies through decentralised Peer-to-Peer (P2P) trading. In addition, we can help your company by implementing a sleeving strategy into existing flexible frameworks and trade any surplus volume.

Numerous solar panels installed on a manufacturing roof, demonstrating industrial application of Solar Export initiatives


Analysis of Exported Consumption

In the first stage, McGrady Clarke analyses the exported consumption from existing systems or those in development. We assess the current energy output and predict future performance, laying the groundwork for the following steps.

Tendering and Assessment

Based on the analysis conducted in Stage 1, we tender the energy export to a number of our trusted energy supply partners. We evaluate both fixed price and flexible Solar Power Purchase Agreements (PPAs) with an aim to achieve the optimum sale price for the energy generated.

Contract Review and Transfer

Once an optimum PPA is identified, we review and facilitate the transfer of contracts between the client and supplier. This involves confirming the terms of the agreement, ensuring its completion, and informing all parties involved about the successful completion of the contract.

Implementation and Management

In the final stage, we ensure that any necessary metering or infrastructure work is carried out and manage related data flows. Our accounts team acts as a liaison between the client and the supplier, overseeing the invoicing and payment process to ensure it is timely and accurate. This way, we provide a seamless journey for our clients, from the analysis of their solar energy export to its sale in the marketplace.

Why choose McGrady Clarke to help you with your Solar Export?

McGrady Clarke has a suite of customised solutions and commercial relationships with energy suppliers, to maximise the revenue generation from our clients’ exported solar energy.

Our consultants manage the project, from tendering, metering and infrastructure to data verification. This project coordination ensures that you will receive a tailored solution and the optimal rates for your exported energy.

Numerous solar panels installed on a manufacturing roof, demonstrating industrial application of Solar Export initiatives

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A field filled with solar panels, denoting the focus on harnessing sunlight for energy in Solar Export initiatives


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