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Streamlined Energy and Carbon Reporting (SECR)

Providing proficient Streamlined Energy and Carbon Reporting (SECR) services for transparent, compliant business operations.

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What is SECR?

Streamlined Energy and Carbon Reporting (SECR) is a UK regulatory framework that mandates qualifying organisations to publicly disclose their energy use and carbon emissions in their annual report. All Quoted companies, as well as Large Unquoted companies reaching at least two of the below thresholds must comply:

  • At least £36 million turnover
  • At least £18 million balance sheet
  • At least 250 employees

McGrady Clarke has assisted hundreds of organisations across the UK with SECR compliance, providing a holistic approach from boundary setting through to final report production. Our consultants are experts in carbon reporting, including the Greenhouse Gas Protocol and SECR reporting guidelines.


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What is Required Under SECR Disclosure?

SECR disclosures, situated within the Directors’ Report of the Annual Report, must include the Greenhouse Gas emissions and resulting energy usage of the below sources:

  • Gas and electricity consumption in all UK sites
  • Onsite fuel usage such as LPG, propane and kerosene
  • Fuel use in company vehicle fleet

Also included within the report are comments on methodologies and energy efficiency implementations, breakdowns of previous results, and intensity metrics to normalise results based on scaling up or down of the organisation.

Many aspects of SECR inclusions, such as carbon emissions calculations, energy conversions, and terminologies, require expertise in carbon reporting. McGrady Clarke’s carbon experts will ensure your SECR meets and exceeds all required disclosures.

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What are the Benefits of Conducting SECR?

Although SECR is a mandatory framework, it provides additional benefits to an organisation beyond compliance.

Disclosure of energy consumption and carbon emissions provides increased transparency to stakeholders, customers and investors, promoting stakeholder trust and enhanced reputation. Within SECR, energy consumption and emissions hotspots can be identified, allowing for more informed decision making regarding energy and carbon reduction strategies, ultimately leading to cost savings.

SECR disclosures are often a first step to a wider company sustainability strategy such as Net Zero; McGrady Clarke can offer advice and guidance on moving forward in your sustainability journey.

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Why Choose McGrady Clarke for your SECR Compliance?

Our dedicated carbon consultants have the educational background, knowledge of frameworks and legislation, and industry expertise to provide a gold standard SECR service to your organisation. We conduct all of our reports in line with industry best practice and guidance to provide the most useful and digestible information to your business.

We deliver compliance that is robust, rigorous, and tangible for stakeholders, giving you insight that allows you to address key impact areas and minimise costs.

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A manufacturing site bustling with machines, reflecting the industrial processes under examination in Streamlined Energy and Carbon Reporting (SECR)


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