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Procurement Policy Note 06/21

Guiding compliant adherence to Procurement Policy Note 06/21 for responsible and sustainable purchasing decisions.

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What is PPN 06/21?

Procurement Policy Note 06/21 (PPN 06/21) is a framework published by the UK government, which states that all organisations wishing to procure public sector contracts with a value of more than £5 million must have an annually updated Carbon Reduction Plan (CRP) in place and commit to achieving Net Zero by 2050 at the latest.

At McGrady Clarke, our carbon experts support organisations captured under PPN 06/21 in producing their CRPs, including calculation of their emissions associated with the required categories:

  • Gas, electricity and onsite fuel consumption in all UK sites
  • Fuel use in company vehicle fleet
  • Upstream and downstream logistics
  • Employee commuting and homeworking
  • Waste generated in operations
  • Business travel
A forest with a river flowing through it, illustrating the interplay between natural resources and sustainable procurement under PPN 06/21 guidelines

Carbon Reduction Plan Implementation

Following calculation of all material categories, we will work collaboratively with you to determine carbon reduction actions which are feasible and of interest to your organisation. Our decarbonisation specialists consider both corporate and external reduction recommendations, and quantify expected carbon reductions across short-, medium- and long-term time horizons. Following agreement of carbon reduction actions, our team can forecast a Net Zero target date of 2050 at the latest. Our consultants have worked with numerous clients with feasible Net Zero targets of 2040; at McGrady Clarke we can provide the expertise and support to realise reductions which complement your sustainability goals. Following completion of the CRP, our approved panel of implementation partners are able to assist with the installation or implementation of any reduction actions you request. McGrady Clarke also provides ongoing support to our clients and can offer sustainability advice or bespoke training plans to suit your organisation’s requirements.

A warehouse filled with high levels of stock, representing the material consumption aspects reviewed under PPN 06/21 guidelines for sustainable procurement

What are the Benefits of a Carbon Reduction Plan?

Conducting emissions assessments and formulating carbon reduction strategies such as PPN 06/21 places a stronger emphasis on sustainability in your organisation not just in the procurement process, but to investors, stakeholders and consumers.

By prioritising sustainable solutions and considering carbon reductions, your organisation can benefit from long term energy and cost savings, as well as reduced waste, increased operational efficiencies, and better employee engagement.

PPN 06/21 aligns well with full Net Zero strategies; our consultants can offer guidance on moving forward in your sustainability journey.

Warehousing with PPN 0621

Why Choose McGrady Clarke for your PPN 06/21 Compliance?

At McGrady Clarke we offer a complete PPN 06/21 service, from initial scoping and baseline emissions assessment, to production of carbon reduction trajectories and reduction recommendations in the CRP, through to the implementation of the recommendations themselves.

Our PPN 06/21 service delivered by our established sustainability and decarbonisation practitioners will provide you with a holistic evaluation of your emissions profile and reduction options, surpassing compliance and positioning your organisation for climate leadership.


Packaging within the facility which is needed to comply with PPN 06/21

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Power Purchase Agreements across an office building


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