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Energy Procurement Services

Empowering businesses with cutting-edge energy procurement strategies.

Solar panels which are generating energy and is purchased using energy procurement

Business Energy Procurement

The energy market is complex and volatile, with many suppliers and contract options available to consumers. The landscape is continually changing as suppliers enter and leave the marketplace. The global market is affected by several macroeconomic factors outside consumers’ control. Seasonal trends, demand cycles, geopolitical instability and conflict are just some of the drivers of the global energy markets. As a result, timing the market whilst choosing the right procurement strategy can prove very difficult.

Tendering requires time, supplier relationships and expertise. Therefore, most consumers have a limited suite of options and ultimately fail to extract the best value from their procurement process. Many consumers don’t have a robust strategy in place for energy procurement and are likely to experience increases in cost in unfavourable market conditions.

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Energy Procurement Solutions

McGrady Clarke has comprehensive access to global wholesale commodity & energy markets, enabling our analysts and in-house energy traders to spot market trends. Our market expertise will allow you to understand these trends and the opportunities they present whilst navigating volatility and risks, in order to formulate and execute the best possible procurement strategy.

We have strong industry relationships with a range of energy suppliers globally, providing you with full access to the marketplace. We are able to facilitate a multitude of procurement options to find a better energy contract for your business, including fully hedged or fixed-term contracts, flexible contracts and PPA solutions.

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Our Procurement Services Highlights

    • Flexible Procurement
    • Fixed Procurement
    • Renewable Energy Procurement
    • OJEU Compliant Procurement
    • Energy Procurement Consultancy
    • Bundled and Unbundled Procurement
    • Access to Trading Platform
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At this initial stage, we assess your current contractual arrangements, strategy, and understanding of the energy procurement market. Our objective is to gain a comprehensive understanding of your existing energy procurement requirements.


Drawing from the insights of our analysis, we devise a tailored procurement strategy. We factor in short, medium, and long-term risks and potential benefits, backed by robust market analysis. Our goal is to guide you on the best timing for entering the energy procurement market.


Having restructured your procurement strategy, we then present your supply requirements to the marketplace. This step involves pinpointing the right energy procurement options in line with your new strategy and entering negotiations with various providers to secure the most beneficial terms.


After securing the most suitable offer, we present you with the proposal for your consideration. Once you’re satisfied and have consented to the terms, we ensure the contract is set in place. We also manage the supply transfer. This final stage completes your transition to the new energy contract framework.

Why choose McGrady Clarke for your Energy Procurement?

The quality and variety of the services we provide set us aside in the energy market. Every one of our clients is assigned an expert account manager who tailors outcomes to their specific requirements. With our direct line to the suppliers, any queries are investigated and resolved swiftly. We also provide unique ‘over the horizon’ market analysis from our in-house energy traders, spotting trend cycles and market dips to best allow you to make strategic decisions.

McGrady Clarke has always had a strong focus on renewable products, and we have deep expertise in this area. By aligning our clients’ Net Zero goals with a bespoke energy procurement strategy, we can reduce emissions and minimise exposure to a volatile market while saving on energy costs.

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Solar panels which are generating energy and is purchased using energy procurement


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