Solar Energy on a building Real Estate

The real estate industry is currently experiencing a change due to the movement towards sustainability and an increased interest in renewable energy sources.

Solar energy is becoming a popular option for property owners and investors, offering a mix of environmental and economic advantages. Adding solar energy to properties aligns with global sustainability targets and meets the rising demand for sustainable living spaces.


Benefits of Solar Energy for Property Developers

Solar energy systems bring a range of advantages affecting the financial and operational aspects for property developers. Increased property value is significant benefit, with properties equipped with solar energy often achieving higher market prices due to a growing consumer preference for sustainable and energy-efficient homes. Tax incentives and rebates also play an important role in making solar energy more appealing. Various incentives from governments and local authorities make installing solar panels more financially viable, providing deductions and rebates to reduce the initial costs. From the property owners perspective, they see solar energy as an opportunity to lower electricity bills as they significantly reduce or even eliminate electricity costs, leading to notable savings over time.


Solar Export Incentives

The idea of solar export or net metering offers extra financial benefits that solar energy systems can provide to landlords. This process allows organisations to send surplus electricity produced by their solar panels back to the electrical grid in exchange for financial remuneration, offering further savings or potentially removing utility costs altogether. This system can also lead to passive income, making a sustainable choice into a financially beneficial investment.


How We Can Help

McGrady Clarke offers a range of tailored solutions and has commercial partnerships with energy suppliers to optimise the income from our clients’ exported solar energy.

Our consultants oversee the project from beginning to end, including tendering, metering, infrastructure and data verification. This coordination guarantees that you receive a bespoke solution and the strongest possible rates for your exported energy.

Contact us to learn more about our solar export service.