Freshly printed documents stacked neatly, representing the recent changes and updates in ESOS Phase 3

With the increasing significance of energy efficiency and sustainable practices, stakeholders in the Energy Savings Opportunity Scheme (ESOS) have been closely following updates to ESOS Phase 3.

Today, we bring you important news about key alterations with a new ESOS deadline for this 3rd phase. This update, which carries significant implications for large organisations, aims to improve compliance outcomes and streamline processes.


ESOS Phase 3 Changes

The Department of Energy Security and Net Zero, formerly known as BEIS, will be extending the Phase 3 Compliance Deadline for the ESOS. The original compliance date set for 5th December 2023 has now been deferred to 5th June 2024. This change comes in response to stakeholder requests, in a bid to provide participants with adequate time to meet new ESOS Phase 3 requirements, and for assessors to conduct thorough evaluations.

However, this deadline extension does not bring any alterations to the qualification thresholds or the qualification date. ESOS Phase 3 will continue to apply to all large organisations, and their corporate groups, that were classed as such on 31st December 2022. For more specifics on which undertakings are defined as large under the ESOS, refer to the official Energy Savings Opportunity Scheme (ESOS) page on the government’s website.

It’s important to note that notifications for Phase 3 compliance cannot be submitted until the finalised requirements have been legislated, and the IT system update currently under development has been tested and launched. Nevertheless, the Department assures participants that the system will be ready in time to meet the new notification requirements ahead of the extended compliance deadline.


How We Can Help

McGrady Clarke will continue to keep you updated on any further ESOS Phase 3 changes. Our team stands ready to support your organisation in reducing energy costs, improving sustainability, and meeting all ESOS requirements effectively.

As you prepare for this extension, we encourage large organisations to continue with their energy audits and assessments to ensure a seamless transition into this third phase. Remember, successful compliance with ESOS is not just about meeting the regulatory requirements – it’s about unlocking potential energy savings and moving towards a more sustainable future. Contact our experts today to learn how we can support your organisation in complying with ESOS regulations but also thriving within their remit.

We always advise qualifying organisations to closely monitor the government’s website for any updates.

McGrady Clarke were first made aware of this change to the deadline via a newsletter from the Environment Agency circulated on 13th June 2023 and take no responsibility for any inaccuracies within this statement.