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Energy Bureau Services

Focused on precision and effectiveness, our energy bureau services systematically address billing, analysis, and overarching energy strategy.

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Portfolio Management

Every organisation, regardless of its size or sector, possesses unique energy requirements, but the necessity for data management remains a constant across the board. Ensuring accurate invoicing is about capturing a holistic view of energy consumption. Inconsistencies in invoicing can lead to a loss of valuable time and resources but also to fragmented and incomplete energy data that can hinder decision-making. Recognising these challenges, our bespoke energy bureau services have been designed with an emphasis on clarity and precision.

We assist clients in delving deep into their energy data, enabling a clearer understanding of their consumption patterns, costs, and efficiencies. By doing so, we alleviate burdens and free up essential operational time and resources, allowing businesses to focus on their core functions while being assured that their portfolio is accurately and efficiently managed.

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Tailored Solutions

We provide energy insights services including full budgeting and forecasting to give visibility on future costs, contributing to future energy management and business decisions. Applying our industry and sector expertise we deliver advice to our clients on energy-related governmental and industry shifts that may have future budgetary implications. Accruals based on cost and consumption data are tailored to individual business requirements on a monthly or quarterly basis.

We offer recharging capabilities to a range of sectors, accurately tracking consumption to attribute costs to the relevant cost centres and/or tenants. This fully managed service delivers accurate, timely billing to tenants.

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Our Energy Bureau Services

  • Bill Validation & Verification
  • Data Collection & Analysis
  • Invoice Processing & Payment
  • Budgeting & Forecasting
  • Portfolio Management
  • Tariff Analysis
  • Demand-Side Management
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Why choose McGrady Clarke for your Energy Bureau Services?

We have modelled our energy bureau services to offer more than just conventional solutions. Our commitment to precision and detail addresses every facet from billing to strategic energy analysis. Our emphasis on data-driven portfolio management ensures that every invoice is an accurate reflection of energy consumption, eliminating inconsistencies that can compromise decision-making.

Our tailored solutions includes full budgeting, forecasting, and insights into industry shifts. This equips our clients with a foresight that’s indispensable in the dynamic energy landscape. We also streamline processes, facilitating timely and accurate billing, especially for sectors requiring intricate recharging capabilities. With services like bill validation, tariff analysis, and demand-side management, choosing McGrady Clarke means entrusting your energy management to experts dedicated to efficiency and clarity.

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2 people sat discussing Energy Bureau Services


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