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Carbon Offsetting

Employing effective carbon offsetting strategies for a responsible, sustainable, and climate-positive corporate footprint.

Sunlight filtering through lush green trees, illustrating the role of natural carbon sinks in Carbon Offsetting strategies

What is Carbon Offsetting?

Carbon offsetting is a practice whereby organisations compensate for their carbon emissions by funding projects designed to reduce or remove an equivalent amount of greenhouse gases from the atmosphere. These projects can be UK-based or global, and commonly involve renewable energy (such as wind or solar farms), peatland restoration, reforestation, or initiatives that prevent deforestation. Carbon offsetting is a fundamental stage in the Net Zero journey, and also appears in a range of carbon neutrality frameworks such as PAS 2060.

With a large volume of providers in the ever-changing market, it is important to source offsetting credits that are not just verified, but certified as high-quality from accredited standards. McGrady Clarke provides specialist support to organisations considering carbon offsetting, ensuring offsetting aligns with wider sustainability goals.

Aerial view of a dense expanse of green trees, signifying the importance of forests in Carbon Offsetting initiatives

Carbon Offsetting: Its Importance in Net Zero

Offsetting puts the ‘net’ in Net Zero; no business can create no emissions whatsoever, due to office operations, employees and suppliers being a key part of business function. Achieving Net Zero does not require all business operations to cease functioning, but to simply reduce as much is feasibly possible before using carbon offsetting to produce an overall zero balance. Due to this, in a standard Net Zero strategy, carbon offsetting is the final stage in the journey. However, many organisations are choosing to offset earlier than this, to become ‘carbon neutral’.

Carbon neutrality does not mandate emission reductions before offsetting or setting reduction targets, simply the provision of offsets equal to the business carbon footprint. Our consultants have expertise in both Net Zero and carbon neutrality frameworks, and can guide your organisation through the best offsetting strategy.

Young trees in pre-planter pots ready for planting, symbolising active reforestation efforts as part of Carbon Offsetting initiatives

Benefits of Carbon Offsetting

Carbon offsetting provides a range of benefits not just for an organisation, but for wider environmental, social and economic aspects. Offsetting presents strategic benefits for a business, providing a competitive advantage over peers particularly when paired with a sustainability framework or Net Zero strategy.

Outside of the organisation itself, investing in carbon offsetting schemes can combat global climate change, by contributing to biodiversity conservation, green technology funding, and combatting natural resource depletion. Many offsetting schemes, particularly those in developing countries, provide positive social benefits to local communities, such as increased health, economic development, and job opportunities, where support would otherwise be scarce.


Trees absorbing carbon as a result of Carbon Offsetting

Why choose McGrady Clarke for your Carbon Offsetting Requirements?

Our sustainability experts can provide carbon offsetting guidance, options and advice based on bespoke client requirements, including current sustainability goals and offsetting project preferences.

At McGrady Clarke, we have a panel of dedicated and expertly-reviewed offset providers, who can offer the highest quality carbon offsets at a range of costpoints, helping you to navigate the changing global market.

We are able to source verified offset credits from a multitude of project types and locations in a volume applicable to your operations, to ensure your business meets its sustainability endeavours.

A man planting trees using a shovel, depicting hands-on contribution to Carbon Offsetting through reforestation activities

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Sunlight filtering through lush green trees, illustrating the role of natural carbon sinks in Carbon Offsetting strategies


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