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Energy Monitoring

Transforming energy data into informed action.

Machinery with Energy Monitoring

Monitoring Your Energy Usage

Monitoring energy consumption in buildings is a complex undertaking. Energy data, spread across various locations, systems, and formats, complicates analysis. This scattered approach can lead to data discrepancies, from missing entries to incorrect readings and unpredictable usage spikes.

The lack of data hinders informed decision-making, potentially causing inefficiencies and increased expenses. Without precise insights into energy patterns, devising effective energy-saving measures becomes challenging. In today’s sustainability-driven landscape, an efficient and accurate energy monitoring system is vital. By improving data collection and interpretation, businesses can optimise operations, reduce waste, and support a greener future.

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Tracking Performance

By introducing energy monitoring, McGrady Clarke will enable you to establish a realistic energy baseline from which you can continually monitor your energy performance as well as track your energy savings.

Our circuit-level monitoring solutions target key areas of energy consumption and provide real-time energy data to track the performance. This data provides invaluable insights into the operational use of energy and provides the necessary information for key decisions to be made within your businesses.

Effective energy monitoring is also an effective tool when aiming to meet sustainability initiatives and meet with environmental legislation.

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Energy Monitoring Solutions

Our Energy Analysts assess the energy consumption of buildings to gain insight and analytics to provide opportunities such as:

      • Improved billing cost reduction
      • Visibility of energy trends
      • Improved data for carbon reporting
      • Tracking the implementation of energy efficiency equipment
      • Benchmarking sites
      • Attributing costs against activities
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Site Audits

To understand your energy consumption profile and how energy is used across your operational activities, McGrady Clarke begins by carrying out detailed site audits. This step allows us to gain necessary knowledge about your current energy usage.

Installation of Monitoring Equipment

Following the audit, we install data monitoring equipment on your site. This equipment enables real-time tracking of your energy usage and helps identify patterns and anomalies.

Energy Management Platform Setup

Next, we set up an energy management platform alongside energy management software. This platform serves as a hub for data collection, providing an interface to review and manage your energy data effectively.

Data Verification and Analytical Review

Lastly, we provide data verification and perform analytical reviews to identify potential energy saving opportunities. Our team analyses the gathered data to pinpoint areas where energy consumption can be reduced or made more efficient.

Why choose McGrady Clarke for your Energy Monitoring?

Our expert consultants have significant experience in carrying out energy monitoring on buildings and have supported a wide range of clients to successfully reduce their energy consumption, produce cost savings and reduce their carbon footprint.

McGrady Clarke recognises your business’s energy-saving challenges and offers a consultancy that not only helps save on bills but also analyses data from energy monitoring installations.

Our integrated solutions address multiple key areas of interest, such as: bill validation, climate risk mapping, mandatory scope 1, 2 and 3 emissions reporting.

An individual assessing the energy usage within energy monitoring system

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Machinery with Energy Monitoring


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