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Water Bureau Services

Focused on precision and effectiveness, our water bureau services systematically address billing, analysis, and overarching water strategy.

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Understanding the Importance of Water Portfolio Management

Effective water portfolio management is crucial in corporate utilities yet often neglected. Poor management can obscure accurate cost and consumption tracking, potentially leading to financial and environmental inefficiencies. A common concern is undetected leaks in water systems, causing unnoticed expenses and increased consumption.

Regular monitoring and thorough evaluations can pinpoint these issues, enabling companies to create strategies for optimal water usage and cost control. Adopting these practices enhances financial outcomes and bolsters environmental sustainability.

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Streamlining Water Management with Comprehensive Bureau Solutions

In utilities management, water bureau solutions are essential. With dedicated account management, reviewing water portfolios and finding ways to reduce consumption and costs becomes streamlined.

By partnering with service providers like McGrady Clarke, companies access tools for bill validation, meter analysis, and cost-saving technologies, including advanced leak detection. This not only saves time and money but also promotes sustainable water usage in line with global environmental standards.

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Workshop and Area Identification

Initially, we organise a workshop to understand and identify the specific areas that will be the focus of our Bureau Services. This collaborative process ensures that our services are tailored to your unique requirements.

Account Manager Allocation

Once the areas of focus are established, an account manager is assigned to your case. This individual will act as your primary point of contact, offering personalised support and guidance throughout the process.

Reporting and Support

The assigned account manager will provide you with regular monthly reports, presenting a clear and concise overview of the ongoing progress. In addition, they will offer continuous support to address any queries, changes, or potential issues that might arise during the process.

Why choose McGrady Clarke for your Water Bureau Services?

McGrady Clarke is committed to managing seamless transitions from your existing suppliers to new ones. We’ll upgrade necessary metering and incorporate leak detection software to mitigate potential risks. Our focus on enhancing data quality ensures accurate invoicing and effective benchmarking of site performance, allowing for optimised portfolio management.

Collaborating with your finance departments, we’ll conduct ongoing invoice validations, thus reducing the administrative tasks for businesses and streamlining water usage accounting in line with forecast needs. Beyond that, we comprehensively manage trade effluent setup, invoicing, and ensure strict compliance, preventing any overcharges by closely analysing effluent needs. We also champion projects that focus on wastewater treatment and trade effluent monitoring, delivering specialist advice and working diligently to identify and secure cost-saving opportunities in the future.

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