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Sustainability Training

Delivering comprehensive carbon management training to empower your team towards sustainability leadership.

Sunlight filtering through lush green trees, illustrating the role of natural carbon sinks in Carbon Offsetting strategies

What are the Benefits of Sustainability Training Programmes? 

Sustainability awareness and knowledge within an organisation, on an individual, stakeholder and overall level, is a key stage in the Net Zero journey. Sustainability training promotes a deeper understanding of environmental issues and challenges, and crucially the role of a business in addressing them. On an individual level, enhanced sustainability knowledge leads to development of new employee skills, improved employee engagement, and the attraction of new talent within the workforce. On an organisational level, awareness of sustainability issues provides a competitive edge, future-proofing the business against future regulations whilst improving brand image. Sustainability awareness may also lead to mitigation of environmental risks, improve stakeholder commitments and reduce cost savings in the short-, medium- and long-term.

A woman raising her hand, representing active participation and learning in Carbon Training sessions

Our Training Programmes and Workshops

Our sustainability consultants and educators have an abundance of professional and industry knowledge across all aspects of sustainability, including carbon, energy, and the supply chain. We have experience delivering training programmes including the following sustainability aspects:

  • The Greenhouse gas (GHG) Protocol including Scope 1, Scope 2 and Scope 3
  • The reality and science of climate change
  • Net Zero frameworks and the path to Net Zero
  • Carbon offsetting and carbon neutrality
  • Personal and corporate-level carbon and energy reductions
  • Office sustainability policy training
  • Greening the supply chain

Our training programmes and workshops can be targeted to any aspects of the business, including departments, boards, or the wider workforce.

A man and two women engaged in a training call, demonstrating the use of digital platforms in Carbon Training programs

Catering For Your Workforce

Our bespoke training service ensures we will cover topics most important to your business, whilst aligning our training with any current or future sustainability aspirations.

We understand and accommodate a range of different learning styles, with our programmes and workshops utilising visual aids, discussions, Q&As, breakout exercises and interactive reviews throughout.

We can create sessions to a desired length or level of detail, ranging from one hour training to half- or full-day workshops. We are able to deliver workshops either online or in person, to suit individual client requirements. In addition to the training session itself, we are able to provide additional services such as workshop summaries, notes, and sources of further information on request.

A modern office space with a wooden effect, illustrating a conducive environment for Carbon Training activities

Why choose McGrady Clarke’s Training Programmes?

At McGrady Clarke, we have embedded sustainability into a number of organisations, covering a range of sectors and business models. We support our clients in all stages of their sustainability journey, from broadening knowledge of basic environmental issues to combating specific sustainability issues within an organisation nearing their Net Zero goals.

Our expert consultants and educators have the knowledge and experience to deliver bespoke learning opportunities, catering to individual client needs.

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Sunlight filtering through lush green trees, illustrating the role of natural carbon sinks in Carbon Offsetting strategies


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