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Empowering businesses with cutting-edge water procurement strategies.

Industrial water processing plant as part of the water procurement process

Capitalising on the Deregulated UK Water Market

Prior to the watershed deregulation of the UK water market in 2017, companies were confined to utilising their local suppliers for water services. This restriction often culminated in elevated costs and inherent difficulties in managing multi-site portfolios. With the deregulation in 2017, commercial enterprises, charities, and public sector organisations in England have been afforded the autonomy to select their water suppliers. This fundamental change has catalysed the opportunity for these bodies to undertake comprehensive procurement exercises, renegotiate their water contracts, and engage suppliers that offer the most advantageous terms for their specific organisational requirements. Despite these advancements, a sizeable proportion of businesses remain tethered to their local suppliers, thereby forgoing potential opportunities to optimise water usage, decrease financial outlays, and renegotiate advantageous supply contracts.

Oranges being sprayed with water, indicating the role of water in agricultural and food processing sectors within Water Procurement strategies

Streamlining Water Procurement

Procurement tendering processes furnish companies with opportunities to significantly reduce their water usage and overall expenditure. Moreover, these processes provide a systematic method to consolidate invoices for multi-site portfolios. As industry experts, McGrady Clarke facilitates unencumbered access to this competitive market, expertly guiding clients to identify and partner with the supplier best suited to their individual portfolio requirements.

Water pipes in a water facility, highlighting the infrastructure involved in the process of Water Procurement


Initial Analysis

We begin by conducting a gap analysis to understand the current state of your water contracts. This process allows us to understand your current situation and identify potential opportunities for cost reduction.

Data Quality Assessment

We then assess the quality of your data, making recommendations on how it can be improved. Ensuring the accuracy of this data is critical for the success of the tender process.

Market Tender

Once we have gathered and verified all necessary data, we tender to the water market. We leverage our full market coverage to provide you with an overview of costs from different providers, ensuring you get the best possible deal.

Invoice Management

Recognising that water invoices can create a significant administrative burden for many businesses, we utilise our strong supplier relationships and internal validation systems to improve this process. This final stage saves you both time and money by simplifying invoice management and reducing administrative workload.

Why choose McGrady Clarke for your Water Procurement Services?

Following the transformative UK water market deregulation, McGrady Clarke are adept at delivering unmatched value for clients. By addressing the market’s complexities, we’ve honed our services to assist enterprises, charities, and public sectors in maximising post-deregulation opportunities.

Our systematic approach, spanning from gap analysis to market tenders, places clients at an advantage in cost savings and supplier relationships. Combined with our extensive market insights and streamlined invoice management, partnering with McGrady Clarke simplifies water procurement while optimising every potential benefit.

Trees and a lake within the Water Procurement Services

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Industrial water processing plant as part of the water procurement process
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