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Energy Auditing

Delivering comprehensive energy audits to unlock potential savings and promote sustainability.

Vehicles being assembled by machines on a production line, depicting the industrial processes under scrutiny in Energy Auditing

Assessing Your Energy Consumption

Energy costs and Net Zero targets mean companies need to find innovative solutions to reduce energy costs and emissions. For many businesses, this presents a significant challenge due to complexities in operations. McGrady Clarke provides expertise to businesses and delivers a suite of recommendations to meet corporate aims.

Our deep knowledge of energy audit across buildings, transport and processes mean our energy audit reports and solutions will deliver you tangible, costed recommendations and the necessary support to implement targeted solutions.

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Bespoke Energy Auditing Solutions

McGrady Clarke provides bespoke energy auditing solutions to businesses across all sectors. We’ll work closely with you to understand your operations, develop an energy audit strategy, and carry out on-site energy audits. We provide the necessary technical expertise to create a business case for solutions and engage with key stakeholders to drive forward change within businesses.

Our energy audits form the basis for energy efficiency technology implementation and we work with our clients to deliver on these projects, continually monitoring performance.

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Efficiency Projects We Manage

Efficiency projects we manage include:

  • Lighting
  • Automatic monitoring and targeting (AM&T) equipment
  • Heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC)
  • Heat recovery
  • Compressed air equipment
  • Refrigeration equipment
  • Combined heat and power (CHP)
  • Motors and drives
Production Plant which requires Energy Auditing


Analysis of Energy Consumption and Operations

In the first stage of our process, our Energy Auditors analyse your site-specific operations and energy consumption trends. By assessing these key aspects, we’re able to pinpoint anomalies in energy usage and identify areas of potential improvement.

Energy Audit

Following the initial analysis, our team performs a comprehensive energy audit. This audit is designed to identify opportunities for cost savings for your business. It is based on data-backed evidence which will provide a solid foundation for supporting commercial decisions and proposing operational changes.

Review of Audit Findings

Once the energy audit is complete, we thoroughly review the findings. This involves assessing the potential cost savings identified and how these savings can be achieved. We also evaluate how operational changes might impact your business and plan for the most effective ways to implement these changes.

Formulating Energy Management Plans

Based on the audit findings, we structure long-term energy management plans for your business. These plans are tailored to your unique needs and circumstances. We use a targeted approach to formulate strategies that will deliver cost savings in line with your commercial objectives.

Implementation and Compliance

The final stage involves implementing the proposed energy management plan. Our team works closely with you to ensure that the plan is executed in a way that aligns with regulatory guidelines and contributes to your business’s sustainability objectives. We’re committed to delivering cost-effective solutions that not only help save energy but also support your business’s growth and success.

Why choose McGrady Clarke for your Energy Audits?

Choosing McGrady Clarke means partnering with experts who can identify energy savings and also ensure these strategies are sustainable and aligned with your organisation’s goals.

Our bespoke approach includes a deep dive into your operations, leveraging cutting-edge technology and methodologies to uncover inefficiencies in order to develop solutions that resonate with both your immediate and long-term objectives.

Our service stands apart from the rest of the market thanks to the high quality and variety of implementation services we provide; these supplement the traditional comprehension of an energy audit.

A man and woman in hard hats and high-visibility jackets inspecting machines, highlighting the on-site inspections carried out in Energy Auditing

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Vehicles being assembled by machines on a production line, depicting the industrial processes under scrutiny in Energy Auditing


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