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Learn how McGrady Clarke partners with real estate firms to seamlessly integrate sustainable practices into their property development and management operations.

A row of apartment blocks with balconies, that are a part of the real estate industry.

Impact of Sustainability on Real Estate

The real estate industry’s move towards sustainability requires transformative changes in how properties are developed, maintained and managed.

Incorporating energy-efficient designs and sustainable materials and infrastructure are crucial steps that will help the industry reduce its environmental footprint while enhancing property value and attractiveness.

Sustainable real estate practices confront significant issues like energy consumption and waste reduction. Embracing more sustainable property solutions presents an opportunity for real estate organisations to decrease operational costs, elevate their reputation and meet the growing demand for green living spaces.

The inside of an empty warehouse, which could be utilised by the real estate industry.

Industry Insights

Our insight articles highlight the latest trends, innovations and sustainability practices shaping the industry. Through expert analysis we offer a comprehensive look at how organisations are navigating challenges and seizing opportunities in the current economic landscape.


Real Estate Sustainability Outlook 2024

A small estate with multiple apartment blocks within the real estate industry.

Key Insight

~30% of energy saved with LEED-certified buildings.¹

Why do Real Estate Organisations choose McGrady Clarke?

Real estate organisations choose McGrady Clarke for our specialised knowledge in lowering operational expenses, meeting environmental regulations and promoting sustainability within real estate. We offer tailored energy purchasing strategies and efficiency assessments to reduce costs and enhance the operational performance of property portfolios. Our carbon management solutions help property management organisations reduce their environmental footprint and comply with legal standards.

Our services are specifically designed to address the unique requirements of the property industry, providing financial benefits while supporting sustainability. This establishes us as a reliable partner for organisations aiming to find a balance between profit and environmental responsibility.

Aerial view of carpark with solar panels, which is a part of real estate.

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A row of apartment blocks with balconies, that are a part of the real estate industry.
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