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Discover how McGrady Clarke collaborates with technology organisations to embed sustainable practices within their cutting-edge developments.

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Impact of Sustainability on Technology

In the technology industry, sustainability has evolved from an optional feature to a fundamental aspect of business strategy, marking a significant shift in the industry’s approach to its environmental and societal impacts.

Focusing on energy-efficient technologies, responsible e-waste management, renewable energy adoption and sustainable product design, technology organisations are redefining innovation to include sustainability in their core operations. This transformation is driven by the need to meet the expectations of environmentally conscious consumers and to address broader sustainability challenges. These initiatives help in reducing the carbon footprint and in building a resilient and future-proof business model.

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Industry Insights

Our insight articles highlight the latest trends, innovations and sustainability practices shaping the industry. Through expert analysis we offer a comprehensive look at how organisations are navigating challenges and seizing opportunities in the current economic landscape.


Technology Sustainability Outlook 2024

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Key Insight

4% of the global electricity demand will be from data centres by 2030.¹

Why do Technology Organisations choose McGrady Clarke?

Technology organisations choose McGrady Clarke for our specialised expertise in enhancing energy efficiency, complying with environmental regulations and improving sustainability. We provide tailored solutions for energy optimisation and sustainability audits to minimise costs and support the development of green technology strategies.

Our services are specifically designed to align with the technology industry’s unique challenges, ensuring economic advantages while promoting environmental sustainability, making us a preferred partner for organisations aiming to balance profitability with environmental responsibility.


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Communications mast which is utilised within the Technology sector
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