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Learn how McGrady Clarke collaborates with private equity firms to seamlessly incorporate sustainable practices into their investment strategies and portfolio management.

Chairs and desks in a boardroom of a private equity industry organisation.

Impact of Sustainability on Private Equity

The private equity industry’s journey towards sustainability necessitates a strategic overhaul in their investment approaches.

Adopting ESG criteria, promoting sustainable business models and investing in sustainable technologies are key factors that will enable the industry to mitigate environmental risks while driving long-term value creation.

Sustainable investment practices address crucial challenges such as regulatory compliance and market volatility. Transitioning towards more responsible investments offers private equity firms the opportunity to enhance returns, solidify their market position and contribute to global sustainability objectives.

Glass windows of a high-rise building, which is owned by an organisation within the private equity industry.

Industry Insights

Our insight articles highlight the latest trends, innovations and sustainability practices shaping the industry. Through expert analysis we offer a comprehensive look at how organisations are navigating challenges and seizing opportunities in the current economic landscape.


Private Equity Sustainability Outlook 2024

The London skyline in daytime containing buildings owned by organisation within the private equity industry.

Key Insight

~73% of the respondents believed that supply chain collaboration adds value to their companies.³

Why do Private Equity Organisations choose McGrady Clarke?

Private equity organisations choose McGrady Clarke due to our extensive knowledge in reducing energy costs, ensuring compliance with environmental regulations and promoting sustainability initiatives. We provide tailored efficiency assessments that reduce operational costs and increase the value of portfolio organisations, in addition to carbon management services to assist private equity organisations in lowering their carbon footprint and complying with regulatory demands.

Our services are carefully designed to meet the unique requirements of the private equity industry, offering economic benefits while supporting sustainable investment practices. This positions McGrady Clarke as the preferred partner for private equity organisations looking to improve financial performance and exhibit environmental responsibility in their investment portfolios.

A road between a forest and a body of water. The area has been invested in for sustainability by the private equity industry.

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Chairs and desks in a boardroom of a private equity industry organisation.
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